American Land and Minerals LLC (ALM) specializes in acquiring mineral, royalty and overriding royalty interests throughout the United States. We make it easy to convert monthly royalty checks into a generous lump-sum payment for those who wish to simplify their bookkeeping or raise cash for priorities like paying off debts, making an investment, remodeling a kitchen or even taking a family vacation.   

ALM is one of the most prolific mineral and royalty buyers in the country, having completed thousands of royalty transactions since its inception in 2000. Through this depth of experience, we have developed world-class royalty acquisition capabilities, enabling us to complete transactions in days or even hours, where others would take weeks.

We welcome the opportunity to extend you a no-obligation offer and if you choose to sell, to handle all closing details at our expense with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. Call 1-800-572-4967 today and speak with Kirby King, our head of acquisitions, to request an offer.   


To submit more information, please go to the REQUEST AN OFFER page.

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