About Us

Founded over 20 years ago in Austin, Texas, American Land and Minerals LLC (ALM) specializes in acquiring mineral, royalty and overriding royalty interests throughout the United States.  

ALM’s owner and CEO, Jamie Jones, grew up in Odessa, Texas; and like most of his friends, Jamie’s parents and their parents made a living in the West Texas oil patch.  When Jamie’s grandparents passed away a few months apart, his mother and her siblings inherited some overriding royalty interests in oil wells that their dad earned through his work as a petroleum engineer.  

Jamie’s mom was crushed by the loss of her parents and on top of that, she was tasked with sorting out their assets and distributing them between her and her siblings.  This burden was all-consuming and emotionally draining for quite some time.  It was hard enough to split up household keepsakes and sell off the rest before selling the house, but the overriding royalty interests were even more troublesome.  Jamie’s mom had to navigate a labyrinth in transferring those interests into her and her siblings’ names, and for all the effort, they wound up with fractions of the already small monthly income that her dad had been receiving.  What’s more, she and her siblings then had to deal with complicated bookkeeping related to those interests on an ongoing basis.  

That tough time for the family made Jamie realize how big a problem small oil and gas interests can be. He realized there might be an opportunity to help families avoid all the headaches by converting those interests into lump-sum payments and distributing the cash.  Jamie spent a year seeking investors, and just when he was on the verge of giving up and returning to a corporate job, he landed a deal with a wealthy family office seeking minerals for its investment portfolio.  Out of necessity, Jamie bootstrapped the startup of ALM by bringing in his parents as partners.  They opened an Odessa office to handle the paperwork while Jamie initially worked with sellers from his Austin home.        

Before long, business picked up, and Jamie brought in Kirby King to lead a mineral acquisition team out of an Austin office.  Jamie and Kirby had been close friends since high school in Odessa; and like Jamie, Kirby’s family owned oil and gas interests, so he knew what a mess those interests could be.   

Since that beginning over two decades ago, ALM has helped literally thousands of mineral and royalty owners liquidate their interests across all producing basins of the lower 48 states.  But after all this time and all those transactions, ALM is still a tight-knit team dedicated to making it fast and easy for mineral and royalty owners to cash in their interests for generous lump-sum payouts.